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Celebrate Our Differences.

Everyone in the Diabetic Community, and many supporters, know that each type of Diabetes is different than the other. For further explanation, please read my 'Which Type Are You?' blog.

What I have always held true to is my belief that each Type 1 Diabetic is different, too. You can ask my T1T, Shesh. I have had the words 'Not all Diabetics are the same!' come out of my mouth, in every possible emotion, for as long as we have been friends. In fact, I'm surprised she hasn't dumped me because of it! AT least...she hasn't dumped me yet. ;) Haha!

I have been a Diabetic for 63% of my life. That's a long freaking time! I am quite confident in my D-knowledge. But, even with 25 years under my belt, I still don't know everything. How is that possible you say? Because as much as I try to kid myself, my Dr's, my D-community and my friends, my body controls my disease. I do the best I can to help but nothing is ever the same. You try controlling something that is ever changing. Trust me. It's not an easy task.

My body, ultimately, controls my blood sugar. What I eat or drink, how I feel, the mood I'm in, how much exercise I'get, stress, aggravation, my insulin dosage, everything, anything that I do effects my blood sugar. This is true. One would surely assume that 'Well, if everything she does effects her sugar, then she has control.' We pretend we do. We like to believe we do. In reality, we assist with the control process but our body has the final word. The last word, actually.

I can do everything exactly the same every day for a week and my blood sugar numbers would differ each day. What I think works one day may fail drastically the next. Life as a Diabetic is basically a gamble. We each do the best we can with the tools we have. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I am very steadfast in my D routine. I rarely deviate from it. I wear my pump daily, the doses remain the same, I eat at the same time, the same basic things, get the same amount of exercise, blah de blah de blah. These are the habits of someone who shot up for decades. Even still, I have lows, highs and norms. My Dex looks like a roller coaster because my sugar rises every time I eat, no matter what. Some days it frustrates me, some days not so much.

But, I digress......back on topic.

Differences. Everyone is unique and that goes for Type 1 Diabetics, too. Shesh & I could have the same bg number, take the same amount of insuelawn, eat a cupcake & our numbers would be totally mismatched. Maybe my metabolism was in the fast lane & Shesh's was hanging out on the side of the road. Maybe working out makes my bs high and it makes Shesh's low. Maybe eating pasta could send me into a carb coma and Shesh would be fine. No one has a better idea of our body than ourselves. But, even we get surprised on occasion. :)

It's hard sometimes because you want to share, get/give advice, understand and learn from other Diabetics but you have to remember what works for them may not work for you. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having the support system. I've said that a million times. The topics are easily shared, the results may not be. It's an essential part of my life success that I have a collection of Diabetics to toss things around to and question without feeling totally redick. I mean, I'd rather have a cure and we could talk about something better but it's nice to have confidantes.

I guess the point of this blog is to say that what I do may or may not work for other Type 1's and vice versa. This doesn't make it wrong, it just makes it different. As we all should be, different. For how boring would this planet be if we were all the same? *yawn*


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