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Back from wherever I was...

Hey pumpers, pump fans, and pump enviests (not a word yet..),

I'm back.

So much has been transpiring. And if it's any consolation at all, I sure have THOUGHT about blogging (and you all) a lot! If there was a way to transfer thoughts from the brain to the blog (bypassing the typing) I'd be the world's busiest blogger. Maybe Steve Jobs can start working on that? Hmmm...iThought...

Anyway, in a nutshell here's what's been going on (these will be future posts):

-My feet starting hurting - BAD. I mean, so bad I could hardly stand or walk. So bad they felt like they were on FIRE. So bad it brought tears to my eyes and really, really scared me.

-I subsequently went to see a neourologist, which sparked a personal fitness revolution.

-I started exercising (seriously) again. Great for the health, but the blood sugars have been erratic. I will be blogging about P90x and having type-1 diabetes (+ the pump) soon!

-I've had the opportunity to speak to a lot of doctors, nurses, CDE's and others about the pump. It is such a blessing to be involved with this vibrant community of progressive thinkers who seek to help us all in so many ways.

-I've learned a lot about P.N. (Peripheral Neuropathy) and that there is a TON you can do.

-I've heard some GREAT stories from a lot of you, all over the world. There's a camaraderie that those of us with type-1 diabetes share, and it's a great privilege to be a part of your life-stories!

-I've heard some heartbreaking stories as well. I will never understand why anyone in the medical community would not whole-heartedly endorse the insulin pump. Thinking or saying that better control must be reached to 'earn' the pump is absurd. If that were true of my team, I'd still be using injection therapy and my health would be suffering because of it.

-I've had to come to grips with having some complications. This is a topic I will elaborate on in great length in the future because NOT having complications is a source of great pride for many. I felt, for a long time, that I got 'kicked out of the club' because I couldn't say I was complication-free any longer.

-I've been formulating some thoughts for an updated review of the pump. I still give it 5 stars (out of 5), A+, 100%!

I've been busy with my life's work - reaching the lost, encouraging the hopeless, and doing everything I can to inspire the apathetic.

Before I close here I want to make sure I make myself crystal clear:

If you have not started the pump yet, I understand. I waited (far too) long, and I had EVERY excuse in the world. But the truth is, even if you have great control, the pump can STILL make you better. How does a more flexible eating schedule sound? How about even better control?

I can promise you that you can't have a more negative opinion of the pump, because I despised it.

And now, today, I do everything I can to tell every single person with diabetes to get on it; NOW.

If it changed my life, it will change your life, too.

If you have any doubts, fears, questions or concerns - please contact me.

I never thought I'd say this, but the truth is...with the pump there are times it feels as if I don't have diabetes at all.

And the fact is, if diabetes is what I had just a short time ago while on insulin injections, frankly, I don't have diabetes any more.

Until there is a cure, there's the pump. It's that good.

Until next time, I'll be pumpin...

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