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Day 4 (To Carb or Not to Carb) of Diabetes Blog Week.

I have to admit, none of the tracks on Let It Be seem to really apply to carbs so I picked today's post title for the irony of "nothing's gonna change my world." With the bigD nothing ever stays the same.

Ah, carbs. Love 'em? Hate 'em? Inhale 'em? Omit 'em?

I have always been suspicious of extreme diets. Anyone who suggests I should eat only one sort of thing or completely eliminate another from what you consume makes me think their pitch is about their profits, not my well-being. So, I'm an omnivore who tries to get a good balance of carbs, protein, fat, fruits and veggies.... This is not to say I am a model eater. Mostly, I eat what tastes good and makes me feel good. Sometimes that means ice cream. Sometimes it means a giant salad with very minimal dressing. Usually it's somewhere in between. I don't really have the math down on balancing the components of my meals, but I know that lots of veg and a little of the other stuff is good. I know that complex carbs tend to be better than simple ones. I count carbs. Every one that goes in is accounted for with my pump. I often use the less than perfect eyeballing technique, but that's based on a long history of measuring and weighing at home and When first diagnosed, I took a small food scale with me to the dorm cafeteria and weighed EVERYTHING. Yes, it was noticed, but I had support then and now one of my best friends knew me then only as "the girl with the scale."

But, not all carbs are created equal. Over time, french fries have started to mess with my BG more than they used to: spiking me way high, sometimes very much after the insulin is used up. I could spend a lot of time learning how to do a combo bolus for fries, but I don't think they are worth it. T3 lets me eat a couple of his fries now and then to curb my craving and I enjoy a meal without a plate of them. (note: it's not that I need to learn how to set up a combo bolus in my pump, it's knowing how much, how long and which ratios. A LOT of trial and error and that's an experiment I just don't care enough to do.)

Being 5 days into CGM, I am wondering if it will make me cut back on carbs. I like seeing flat lines on Shawn's (trying out a name here...) graph more than spikes, even if they're well-managed.

Last night, I had my first call with Team WILD's 101 group. Marcey talked about how carbs fuel exercise. So, even if you don't need (fast) carbs to bring your BG up, you need good ones to keep you going. I think this will add a layer of consideration to my constant negotiations with carbs. I am always balancing BG, insulin and carb intake. Now, I'll be adding exercise to the mix in a new way. I might have to do a follow up post on this in a few months....

In summary, Carbs: I love 'em, but it's not a simple relationship.

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