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The D Olympics

I love this idea!!!  It looks like it started with Joanne at Death of a Pancreas…

Catagories or Events as listed:

Shooting- We too have the pump, so shots are not an issue for us anymore.  I do have to say when I look back at the shot days I remember just how damn hard it was to do them.  My mother and I were the main shot givers and we both hated doing it.  I never actually got good at it (in my opinion) just a little quicker at it.  If anything, it started to get harder for me right before we got the pump.  We do however still have a bit of a ta-do when changing the pod out.  It’s a little more of a ta-do than I would like, but she’s 4 and she has little control over most of her D management so I try to let her have something she controls within the process of managing this beast.  Pod and Dexcom changes are pretty smooth so I’m giving myself a GOLD!  ( I won’t get too many Golds so I’m giving this one to myself ’cause I can!)

Synchronized Living-  (the ability to balance carbs, insulin, exercise, growth spurts, illnesses and hormones; and still achieve reasonably good numbers)  Welllll, I don’t think I can really say that I qualify yet.  I have only been a D mama for 10 or so months, and she’s only 4…Soooo really I haven’t even had my ass handed to me yet!  She rarely throws any ketones, she goes high often (do to meals and insulin timing), and though she’s been growing according to the scale and tape measure, I don’t think I’ve really seen a huge insulin change that constitutes a “growth spurt” at this point.  We only have 2 basal rates and one carb ratio, the rest we just “wing it”.  So not qualified at this moment, will try out for event next year!

Speed getting ready-  Ya, gotta bitch on this one!  (Sorry Ray)   I have a 1-year-old and a 4 year old…the 4 year old has Type 1 diabetes.  Both of these children, when taken out of the house, require bags, supplies and shoes.  I too have a bag (purse) and require shoes.  For some reason in this house, when we have a plan to leave the house, whether its to go over to the in-laws, to an event or just out to dinner…everyone in this house that would be capable of helping…disappear, off to some place where apparently other things need to get done before we leave.  I have yet to figure out what those OTHER things are, but I will say that it totally pisses me off that I am left to get all of my gear (if you will), get the two little ones dressed, socks and shoes located and on feet.  Then the packing of the bag.  Bottles, snacks, food if needed, diapers, wipes, cups and little I’m bored toys or trinkets.  Then the D bag…double check.  By the time this is all done…everyone has scattered about and I must regroup.  Ugh!  By the time we get half way to the car to load I just want to turn around and go back in and call it a day!!!  So I guess what I would qualify for is not the speed, but the endurance of this category!  And the loudness of my voice when I finally start locating help from others in the house…then we are all pretty speedy as a group to get all gear and children in the car!  (I’m not sure how long it takes the Duggers to load up…but can you imagine?) Silver for effort and ultimately getting it done!

10 meter dash- I just jumped from the 4th step of the stairs over a 3′ tall gate and ran 20 feet in less than 2 seconds when I realized that Ellie was being awfully quite downstairs today and laying on the couch sleeping with her eyes half-open and mouth all the way open!!!  (HATE it when she sleeps that way, it creeps me out!)  I get a Gold for speed of reaction to any alarms, intuition that something is amiss or low numbers that pop up here and there anytime 24 hours a day.  I’m a quick mover in emergencies (real or perceived) regardless of conditions!

WAG-ing (Wild Ass Guessing)-  Is there any other technique to carb counting?  Didn’t know?! HA!

Juggling-  Silver, I can do the juggling of various tasks if forced.  However, I don’t like to, so if someone else is in ear shot (like an 800 foot radius ear shot) then I recruit immediately!

Biathlon- (combination of two sports) Daily! Taking care of Ellie and Jack-GOLD BABY!

Accuracy-  Welllll, I’m pretty sure we always bolus correctly for food and I’m pretty sure the basal is ALWAYS right on…it’s the diabetes that gets it wrong all the time! GOLD!

Wrestling- Bronze (needs work) Ellie is going through some growing pains right now, little more attitude, little more bossy and demanding…just a little bigger than her britches lately.  There have been some fits that I didn’t catch on to the fact that she was experiencing a pretty rapid BG drop at the time.  I have caught it within minutes of the behavior, but I still feel bad for not catching on right away.  Thankfully she has not held it against me to date!

Swimming- Gold.  We will swim and swim and swim until she can swim stronger and faster than us.  No matter how long it takes we will be Gold in this category.  We have no choice, nor would we ever ask for one…except for the CURE of course!

Looking back I guess I gave myself a pretty high metal standing…Hmm.  Pretty cool!  Thanks for the game everyone.  I like these! Who’s next?

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