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My trusty TallyGear Belt…aka, my batbelt!

In August, when I was about to run my 10K in Fort Collins (and complaining of not enough money to buy both the SpiBelt and the Tallygear), I was sent a wonderful gift from the Owner/operator of Tallygear: Two tallygear belts and a headband, along with a wonderful note from Tally herself.

My favorite part? "I love Hamsters!" How CUTE!

I wore the Tallygear belt during my race, and it worked like a charm. It’s a fun light blue color that just makes me smile (they also sent me the polka dot one!) In it, I stored my pump/CGM (at the time I was using the MM CGM) my iPod, a meter, lancet and strips and the nasty gel packs that I used for that race, and will never use again.

Since entering the Nursing Program, running has fallen by the wayside. Fortunately, I’ve found a new use for my Batbelt: Clinicals.

In the nursing program, you do rotations at different clinical sites each semester. My first semester, I carried everything in my scrub pockets: My meter case, my glucose tabs, my iPod touch (for skyscape which we use for the drug guides), my phone…. and let me tell you, when you bend over to make a bed, turn a patient, pick something up off the floor, EVERYTHING in those pockets will come flying out. At least, that’s my expierance.

So, when my clinical rotation at the hospital started this semester, and the things I carried in my pockets increased: Bandage scissors (because my clinical instructor ragged on me if I was ever caught without them…), tape, alcohol wipes, flushes AND my new Dexcom, Cooper….I decided to use that critical thinking they are always going on about, and put my Tallygear belt to use again.

I now put all my diabetes supplies in the belt, and it has been such a blessing.

No bulging  pockets, nothing flying out of my scrubs during my shift and no rude stares when my used test strips are strewn about the floor. My meter, Cooper, glucose tabs and pump are all tucked away discreetly around my waist, under my scrub top, and its practically invisible . There have been a few occasions when my diabetes has come up (when treating a low, or bolusing a correction) and I decide to flash my belt to the nurses. They had no idea that I had so much equipment hanging around under my scrubs.

Here is where everything goes (Ollie found his way into the pic):

And this is what it looks like once they are all snuggled inside:

(It's hard to get a picture of your own waist without a mirror, let me tell you)

Can't tell its there, can you?

Another plus: Since it is on my waist, I can feel Cooper vibrating before the alarm sounds. Which helps keep stares and awkward (and sometimes long) explanations during a busy shift to a minimum. It makes me feel like a real diabetes super hero.

Disclaimer: TallyGear did not ask me to write this post. They simply sent me a gift that I loved and I wanted to blog about it!

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