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Diabetes – Physician’s New Ideas – Dr. Vickery, DC – 3

“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

The last 2 weeks have illuminated the real prime causes of diabetes thanks to the decades of research by Dr. Brice Vickery, DC. This time, I’ll finish the scientific explanation and back-it-up with some of the newest science available, anywhere, from other researchers. And, I’ll share Dr. Vickery’s solution, again. It’s that important!

Please review the previous 2 parts:

Dr. Brice Vickery, DC Discovers Diabetes’ Cure Protocol – Part 1

Dr. Brice Vickery, DC Exposes Diabetes Causes Part 2

Last time, I described what Dr. Vickery taught about the biochemical cascade of events and non-events which cause absolute havoc in organ systems and each body cell. Yes, the disruption, from 3 separate causes is that pervasive.

The body is struck down in stages, with hypoglycemia indicating adrenal involvement, diabetes indicating pancreatic distress and breakdown and fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being an elevated state of body-wide alarm.

His innovative diagnostic methods and tools show why the body cannot yet heal or even defend itself, and how to give your body the exact tools it needs to heal itself.

That’s all in Parts 1 and 2, above. This time, I just want to zero in on a couple of items and mention some new research which backs-up some important aspects of all this protein synthesis discussion, as it affects diabetics, especially.

The end-stage group with CFS and fibromyalgia are always deficient not just in protein, but also in essential fatty acids and mineral absorption. Diabetics, being the middle-stage, have aspects of all of these deficiencies, too.

So, Dr. Vickery spent decades refining his formulas so that they help your body heal in all 3 stages. His patented formula starts healing the protein deficiency which you HAVE and also includes minerals which must be of the proper smaller-than-usual size, increased water-solubility and ionically active minerals in order to be accepted into your cells.

If they are not exactly formed and in the proper cocktail balance, it won’t matter how many protein transporters you have trying to “solve” your protein deficiency and more, because the minerals needed for other critical biochemistry will just end up floating around your system, storing themselves in your tissues and hardening blood vessels, causing their own set of problems — if these formula-components are not correctly formed.

One of the 3 underlying causes of diabetes, the protein deficiency caused by your overloaded pancreas no longer being able to make sufficient alkaline buffers, then sabotages the actual digestion of everything you are trying to break down for cellular energy. Incomplete digestion of food makes all the food you eat UNAVAILABLE. You start to starve slowly, and so do your mitochondria — your cellular furnaces.

I have written about this before, that researchers see fewer and smaller mitochondria in diabetics. We’re tired all the time as the situation progresses, and fewer mitochondria are a symptom that diabetics are “aging” faster than they should.

Well, now the research scientists at my former school, the University of California, Davis have found some critical parts of biochemistry affecting diabetes, hitherto completely unknown.

Aberrant biochemistry begins to cause age-related mitochondrial dysfunction, which plays a central role in virtually all killer diseases of aging.

Essential nutrients like CoQ10, lipoic acid and carnitine, promote the health and function of existing mitochondria. But, just as critical is the need for every aging person (and diabetic) to generate more mitochondria in order to protect against degenerative cellular decline.

In an historic scientific breakthrough,  a natural coenzyme called PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) has been shown to trigger  new mitochondria in aging cells! And, of course, this means that adequate protein is needed to form PQQ in the first place.

Yes, by taking Dr. Vickery’s formula, you should be able to make your own PQQ.  And, through the Life Extension Foundation, you can buy the university’s research PQQ formula, too. (L.E.F. requires membership.) (No prescription is required.)

PQQ is a critical protein combo — UCD researchers found it has a pivotal role in growth and development. That role stems from its unique ability to activate cell signaling pathways directly involved in cellular energy metabolism, cellular development and cellular function.

Cells undergo spontaneous mitochondrial biogenesis through the effects of three signaling molecules which are activated by PQQ:

___   PQQ activates expression of PCG-1Alpha (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha) molecules.

PCG-1Alpha is a “master regulator” which mobilizes your cells’ response to several external triggers. By directly stimulating genes which enhance mitochondrial and cellular respiration, growth, and reproduction, it can  up-regulate cellular metabolism at the genetic level.  Favorable affects from this include: healthier blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride breakdown, and the delay of obesity onset.

___   PQQ also triggers a signaling protein known as CREB (cAMP-response element-binding protein). CREB plays a pivotal role in embryonic development and growth when it beneficially interacts with histones (molecular compounds shown to protect and repair cellular DNA). This should help prevent mutations and limit the appearance of cancer.

CREB stimulates the growth of new mitochondria, too.

Whereas, altered (glycated) proteins can bind to mitochondria and compromise their function — if your A1c tests show lots of glycated protein, then you now know your mitochondria are in the battle for their lives, and yours.

___   PQQ regulates the recently-discovered cell signaling protein called DJ-1. As with PCG-1Alpha and CREB, DJ-1 is intimately involved in cell function and survival.

It has been shown to prevent cell death by combating intensive antioxidant stress and is of particular importance to brain health and function.This is possibly why Dr. Vickery showed those with Parkinson’s were affected by their faulty protein digestion, too.

DJ-1 damage and resulting mutation have been conclusively linked to the onset of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

These findings shed light on the results of prior studies where a PQQ deficiency in juvenile mice,  resulted in elevated plasma glucose concentrations, a 20-30% reduction in the number of mitochondria in the liver, and consequent impairment in oxygen metabolism (producing profound fatigue).

All of these are just 3 examples of thousands of critical protein systems which will not be functioning properly if you are unable to digest proteins and fashion the thousands of products made from Free Amino Acids (F.A.A.) the completely-digested form that your protein food must become, but is not, at the moment.

As 95% of cellular energy is produced by mitochondria, and they cannot divide within healthy cells, as other cellular components can, it’s critical to cater to their well-being for our own survival.

Indeed, impaired mitochondrial metabolism is recognized as an underlying factor of many diseases, including diabetes.

Damage to the mitochondria within endothelial cells lining arteries is an underlying cause of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries i.e. the onset of heart disease).

Traditional risk factors for arterial disease like:



high blood sugar

high cholesterol

and high triglycerides

are all linked to mitochondrial injury!

And, critically, the accumulation of dysfunctional mitochondria within your cell(s), results in a vicious cycle whereby increased oxidative and glycation reactions disable more and more  mitochondria, eventually leading to your cell’s demise. This is happening in your body by the millions. Where’s the help?

Having the proper amount of digested, quality protein changes all of this.

Then your body can make PQQ and all the other necessary proteins and co-factors to get your enzyme systems operating properly.

Diabetes is NOT just about popping a Metaformin pill or injecting insulin — they DON”T take care of all these other important parts of your biochemistry!

The search has GOT to be about FINDING the Root Cause, and I think Dr. Vickery has.

When your body can begin healing itself because it finally has enough quality, usable protein, then it heals the other 2 main systems, which in turn, complete the Healing.

Corrected protein amounts enable:

___   spinal healing with resultant return to health of cervical autonomic nervous system sensors,  now able to give accurate feed-back of glucose state. Then, if needed, a chiropractic adjustment can straighten the spine and the adjustment will likely hold.

___  your body can heal its major glandular organ systems especially adrenals, pancreas, liver and thyroid. Once again, your adrenals can protect you; your pancreas will make its full-complement of  life-affirming products; your liver will be able to provide an effective back-up source of glycogen when your blood-sugar dips too low, and your thyroid will have a system producing energy for proper metabolism.

Get your doctor to work with Dr. Vickery. Contact him through www.supernutrient.com

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Best to all — Em


Dr. Brice Vickery, DC
Life Extension Magazine
c)2011 Em at http://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com

Please respect my copyright. You may quote 2 short paragraphs in your article or on your site (please provide a link back here). To quote more, please contact me for permission at the About Me page on the upper navigation bar. Thanks!

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