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My Favorite Shareposts and Experts from 2010

The start of a new year can be filled with hope, but sometimes the strength of our convictions comes from what we know.  In order to change patterns and to think differently, we should look to the past! 

This year has been one that opened many new opportunities for me.  It has been a year of learning more about diabetes then I ever imagined I would care to know!  The best part has been opening my arms wide and letting friends into the interesting world of diabetes and educating them.  But it also has been a two way street! 

This year fostered my reaching out to fellow type 2 experts, who are so knowledgeable on the relationship with diabetes, food, exercise that their knowledge surpasses most of my phd sports physiology friends! 

The diversity of information from this group of Amylia, Bill, David, Fran, Gretchen, John, Joan (Verdungal), Kelsey, Beth and Kerri has educated and entertained me all year!  So I have decided, on this last day of the year, to post some of my favorite expert’s shareposts by this community and some from other communities on Health Central!

Gretchen Becker’s Learning from Type1’s. I had the pleasure of attending a conference at Cleveland Clinic with Gretchen.  Her depth of knowledge and good common sense make her blogs very educational, but it is her rye wit that grabs and makes everyone think twice!

Joan (Verdungal) 34 Low Carb & Healthy Blogs for November 2010. Joan is amazing in her knowledge of food and natural living!  I think of myself as understanding the earthy crunchy soul, but she takes it to a much higher level and her research is on the mark! (She even convinced Ginger to get off artificial sweeteners!)

Amylia’s 1 in 3 Americans Diabetic in 2050?  Amylia, the writer, poet and sultry diabetes voice just lends emotional, whimsical, romance while packing her posts full of god information!

Bill’s Same Song, Second Verse. Bill is my “go to” guy when I have a medical blog request!  He is the diabetes Renaissance man, having worked for pharmaceuticals, to being a endocrinologist and living with diabetes, there are few angles he doesn’t understand!

John’s post The Last Five Pounds. John joined us at the beginning of 2010 with a new years resolution.  He has shared the ups and downs of learning how to change his life in order to take control of his health!  What a year he has shared with us!  He is but 5 pounds from his goal! Awesome!

Fran’s Daily Insulin Injection vs. Insulin Pump: Where are we now?  I don’t even know which blog to choose, as a favorite!  Fran is a pediatric diabetelogist and in her spare time writes about what most parents hanker to read!  She is a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate soul who shares because someone is out there who needs help! 

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