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And my A1C is….


Not what I was hoping for, but its getting closer! And even though I was disappointed (and frustrated!! All that hard work!! .1%!!!) that my A1c hadn’t lowered as much as I’d thought, I’m still  happy with that number. My paperwork now says “CONTROLLED Type 1 diabetic”.

Dr. G was having a hard time seeing trends in my numbers, partly because my Ping downloaded weird and was missing a bunch of information. It would have days at a time missing from the graphs…not sure what that was about, but as a result, she wants me to do some basal testing.

The endo wants to see me again in 6 weeks. She’s wants to lower my A1C closer to 6.5 before September, and is hoping that by keeping in close contact (emailing blood sugars, and the results from my basal testing, notifying her if I see any trends that are troubling, etc.) I will be able to gain tighter control by then. She was very sweet about it. She said that with a few small changes, we can get there!

She gave me the name of the OB they work with (I can see any OB, but I think I prefer the one their used to working with…she said they primarily take care of Diabetics and that they deliver at PSL with has fantastic neonatal care, in case anything were to happen!) I’m hoping that since they are used to working with eachother, it will result in better overall care for me and the Bunkie to be.

At my next appointment, she will be taking me off of Lipitor and switching me to a cholesterol medication that is safe during pregnancy. I’m on a very low dose of Lexapro (5mg) for anxiety, but my GP said she would like me to wean off of it before I get pregnant.

That was pretty much it for the appointment. Nothing too exciting, no drastic changes.

September is right around the corner. I’m going to try and post my progress and numbers regularly…hopefully that will help me stay accountable and get that A1C down!

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