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Biograph: Shane Reaume

Information about diabetes, how it affects the lives of those living with the disease and the people that are there to help support them.

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So are Omega-3 pills good for you?

Posted by on in Food & Diet
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There are a few blogs going around about fish-oil supplements not being good for you. This is based on a study showing "there was no significant link between deaths, sudden deaths, heart-related deaths, heart attacks, and strokes, in people who took fish oil supplements." This makes total sense as taking a fish-oil pill is not a significant part of your diet and as a sole food item does very little by itself. The benefits of omega-3 comes from it being in higher concentration or what was our original concentration vs omega-6, omega-9 and other oils in every meal. When in proper balance, our bodies undergo less stress and inflammation. Now that is a hard topic to study if only the supplement is counted. If you are taking one pill, then eat several times the fat in lower quality food products, there will be an imbalance in omega-3 ratios still. That makes the pill useless as a cure all.

The reason much of our other foods create this imbalance is the fact that our live-stock is now lower in omega-3 due to industrialization and low quality food in their diets. To save world hunger and for big-business to make more profit, we have created fast growing amazing foods that have less nutrients. With this, we are suffering a new phase of health issues and everyone is searching for that magic pill. My opinion is the fish-oil pill is good, but the story is much more complex. The real problem is we should not have to be looking to replace nutrients that are being stripped out of our milk, beef, chicken and other food items because they are stuffed with corn and wheat instead. On top of it, this corn and wheat is only lacking nutrients because it is not given the level of nutrients as well. I bet the Native Americans who planted a fish with their corn seed had some of the most nutritious corn in the world. I would love to see these types of studies to see why we even need supplements, then fix that problem.

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Shane is the primary website developer for and a fellow diabetic. He also contributes to the Blog when time permits. Shane is open to debate on the information he posts and/or what he believes in.

"I understand the world is not black or white, it consists of colorful layers, different from every angle, visually and physically."
  • Anne Cooper
    Anne Cooper Monday, 17 September 2012

    Amen! I am reading these blogs and wondering what these people are eating while in the study, how damaged their bodies already are upon monitoring and more so what motives are behind this study. I love data on all of these things, but learned that you have to really go into motives for each study. Because it is not cheap to do a study, it is easy to game. I too want to see a study based on food and relations to omega-3 ratios. I would love to see diets broken up and monitored with standard live-stock vs free-grazing organic live-stock. Also, tests on the nutrient values in those. Maybe start with a lab study first to prove the importance, then move to human studies.

  • Tony Alston
    Tony Alston Monday, 17 September 2012

    This study was submitted at The Journal of the American Medical Association. over 90% of articles submitted are turned down. This can be a good thing, but also shows it is still regulated information by a board of directors who controls what is considered a valid study. Just something to think about when we are told through the news a study was released.

  • Arlene Floyd
    Arlene Floyd Monday, 17 September 2012

    Tony, I agree 100% with you. There is in fact a study that proves something like 50% of the studies are false. :p Ok, my study is not true but I do believe there is enough evidence to prove board members can have agendas and at a cost to others lives many times. When there is money to be made and especially when the most powerful companies are effected, the issue can develop.

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